Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Why Super-Heroes Should Always Carry Their Car Keys!!

Reminder: during long periods in the Golden Age, Doctor Fate wasn't much of a magician. His mystic amulet let him fly, and made him invulnerable, but otherwise, he just used fisticuffs and quips to put down crooks.

He did have one vulnerability:

Well, he got out of that one, but now the bad guys know his weakness. So...

The bad guys just leave him to die without watching (hey, it wasn't a cliche yet in 1942!).

Pockets? You're fighting crime and you're carrying your car keys...and coins?!?

Well, whatever works:

Yeah, but what about your keys, man?!?! Your keys!!! How will you drive now?!?!?

From More Fun Comics #78 (1942)

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