Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spoiler Saturday--Bendis Is Coming!!

For those DC fans who haven't had the pleasure yet, here's a heads-up on what to expect from Bendis:

His characters talk. A LOT. And then they talk some more.

I'm just saying, he's never found a panel he couldn't cram more word balloons into.

Let the countdown begin, Superman fans.

From Jessica Jones #18 (2018)


SF said...

You know, I think that's actually good dialogue (at least the second one is, I couldn't be bothered to read the first). But isn't this a textbook example of how NOT to do comics? It reads like a modestly illustrated text novel. Seems like any halfway decent sequential artist would have used 10+ panels for that much dialogue, showing us expressions on the characters, their reactions, etc. (Sighs contentedly remembering the issues of Grendel in 25-panel grid format...)

Tim Knight said...

This is one of biggest fears about the forthcoming Reign Of Bendis. He clearly wants to be writing superhero novels, hasn't grasped the concept of brevity or the maxim 'show don't tell' (which I would have been key to a career in comic book writing... what with all those pesky pictures... that need swamping in word balloons!)

Anonymous said...

His letterers must be overworked. Seriously, I've seen letterers complain that there's too much dialog especially for the space. It's either the artist's fault for not leaving enough space or the writer's fault for too much dialog/narrating.

snell said...

SF--Fair point. Logorrhera isn't automatically bad. He does get pretty bad when he tries to be funny though--Bendis thinks he's Aaron Sorkin, and he's hot.