Monday, April 16, 2018

Manic Monday Bonus--Well, Somebody's Been Using The Thighmaster!

Apparently, it's going to be a Fletcher Hanks kind of morning...

While flying to the moon, "Space" Smith and Dianna encounter..., of course, space between Earth and the moon is full of floating space islands.

And who lives there?

And they're not called hoppers for nothing!

Maybe ray guns can stop them?!?


I like how every single time Dianna or the narrator refer to him, they put Space in quotation marks. Like they're pronouncing it in a way that passive-aggressively mocks his attempt to give himself a lame nickname. Sure, anything you say, "Space!" Space seriously not wearing shoes? Or is it just a coloring error?

You know what every spaceship needs? Big metal nets.

So, uh...what do we do with them?

OK, that does not seem like a wise ides.

Yes, they leap all the way from the tops of skyscrapers to their floating space island. Who needs spaceships?!?

Oh, Fletcher Hanks, I'll have what you're having!

From Fantastic Comics #5 (1940)

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