Monday, November 24, 2014

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Namor Invents A New Power!

It's 1939, and Namor is skulking about New York City, spying on us "murderous humans." But even then, Namor was a fashion plate:

Lesson, kiddies:

Don't smoke, and if you do, don't make your dress out of flash paper!

Welp, now he's done it.

But it's the Golden Age, so it's perfectly acceptable for Namor to pull a brand new power completely out his ass:

Let's see Aquaman do that!!

Even make then, Namor had the gracious manners of a prince:

Oh, Sub-Mariner!!

From Marvel Mystery Comics #2 (1939)

Manic Monday Bonus--In Which We Teach You New Job Skills!

In case you ever have to lead troops into combat...

Try practicing these at work today!!

From Sgt. Fury Annual #1 (1965)

Manic Monday--Romance Comics' Guide To Men's Beach Apparel

There is an iron-clad rule for men romancing their ladies at the beach:

If you have your shirt off, you must drape a towel around your neck!

Like so:

And thus:

And again:

If you don't have a drapable beach towel available, you must keep your shirt on!


And remember, nothing is more romantic than keeping fully-clothed at the beach, especially if you're wearing a polka-dot ascot:

These covers of True-To-Life Romances appeared between 1950 and 1954. Obviously, there was a lot of beach romancin' in those days...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Guns Against Gangsters!! or Words Against Lovers!!!

Now here's some fine shootin':
Guns Against Gangsters was published in 1948 & 1949 by Novelty Press. It focused on, as the cover and title indicated, on using firearms to stop felons.

Interestingly, the early covers made sure to call out Toni Gayle, who was "a glamorous, beautiful model, cast by tragedy into the role of crime battler! Wherever criminals strike, look for Toni, armed with sharp wits and a plucky heart. She’s a match for the toughest killers of the underworld!” Her strip appeared in several other Novelty books, and I guess they wanted to use her popularity to pump up sales on this title--even though Toni never used guns!!

Ah, but her father--that's another story! Gregory Gale was badass police detective with a huge and famous gun collection--and he wasn't afraid to use them:

 That's one way to increase your collection...

And each issue had feature pages on the guns and accessories used in the stories:

And, true to its title, each issue featured people using guns against gangsters, whether rifles meant for big-game hunting...

...or duck hunters taking down perps...

Guns Against Gangsters only lasted 7 issues, and then was replaced by True-To-Life Romances, which picked up the same numbering. No more guns. But...

...they did try to set the record for most words on a comic book cover...yeesh, give me guns anytime!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Night Fights--Uru Anti-Force Style!!

No cutesy prelude or clever into for this week's Friday Night Fights--just balls-to-the-wall fighting!!

Loki has mentally influenced the Super-Skrull to return to Earth and seek out Thor. He makes Skrully believe that defeating Thor will put  him back in the good graces of Skrull leadership.

So the Super-Skrull tears up Manhattan, calling out Thor. And that's what he gets... is ON!

And our non-violent Silver Age coda?

SPOILER ALERT: The banishment certainly was not eternal...

Spacebooger wonders if the Super-Skrull might be the loophole to sneaking the Fantastic Four (or at least their powers) into the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Pages and pages (and pages) of earth-shattering fighting brought to by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta in Thor #142 (1967)

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why?? Thor invented a new power for this fight!! Who else gives you that kind of quality?!? So go and vote!!