Monday, September 25, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Oh, So That's Where Superman Learned To Do That!

It's just another day in Keystone City, and the Flash is putting more perps out of action!

The man needs a vacation--and Jay's about to take one!!

Good point...but:

Wait--that's totally ripping off the 1978 Superman movie!!

And what do you works!!

But so much for rest and relaxation--Flash get caught up with Robin Hood shenanigans!! And it turns out--he's supposed to be there!!

Well, after many silly but wonderfully fun pages, Flash rousts the bad guys, and finally gets his down time:

Jay Garrick, you lucky bastard--I miss you.

From Comic Cavalcade #11 (1945)

Manic Monday Bonus--It's Not That Hard To Make A Super-Hero Team!!

It's 1965, and everybody wants to get in on the "let's make super-hero team" craze!!

Let's flash even further back a bit...

OK, maybe letting your baby--no matter how ugly or smart--play with matches is kind of a bad idea?

Man, I love that panel a lot more than I should.

Anyway, Roderick Bump passes a local newsstand, and is inspired on how to make a living:

It's true--Einstein and Bohrs had their own super-hero teams, didn't they?!?

And so...

The result?

Now that is a team!!

Ummm, Roderick old chum...usually heroes don't participate in a "crime wave." They're supposed to be good guys!!

Well, I guess I was wrong...

I hope you were taking notes, because this information could prove critical later this week, he opined mysteriously!

From Herbie #14 (1965)

Manic Monday--That's Not How Internatonal Law Works!!

Let's meet---

He's Jerry Carstairs, a radio operator for the FCC!! In his spare time, he puts on a costume with a special microphone that makes his voice sound all loud and scary, "like thunder!"

In this, his very first mission, he's on to some Nazi spies (it's early 1941, and we're not at war with Germany yet--but don't bother telling that to Timely!!).'s time to bust up the German embassy!!

Well, that's pretty much the case...except, of course, that you're in the German embassy, and the cops can't go in there, and you've pretty much committed a freaking act of war.

Yes, that is a small detail.

Dude. Dude. I'm no lawyer, but I have seen every episode of Law & Order, so I'm damn close.

And the entire embassy grounds is foreign soil. They don't have to be inside the building. Just leaving them on the front steps accomplishes, well, nothing.

And what does this note say?

"The evidence is in the mail'?!?!? Are you freakin' kidding me?

Even if the police could go on the grounds to arrest them, and even if none of Germans you beat the crap out of had ambassadorial staff status that makes them immune to arrest, I'm pretty sure any arraignment judge is going to immediately release them when the prosecutor says "The evidence
 is in the mail!!"
Thunderer, you are an idiot.

You do sound frightening, though.

From Daring Mystery Comics #7 (1941)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

And There Came A Day, Unlike Any Other...

Prepare yourselves for the unlikeliest super-hero team of all time!! (And take notes, because you'll need this later this week, he said cryptically...).

Like many publishers from the late 40s to the early 60s, American Comics Group flitted from trend to trend--westerns, crime, romance, what have you.

Their two best known and longest running series were Adventures Into The Unknown and Forbidden Worlds, horror/science-fiction anthology titles.

Well, when super-heroes became popular again, ACG (like many other smaller publishers) tried to hop on that Marvel & DC-led bandwagon, by introducing new super-heroes/cover stars in those two books. Surely, great riches awaited!!

Well, not so much.

But ACG did have one other character who dabbled in the long-underwear domain. So it was inevitable that they would team up, right? Albeit in a fourth wall-breaking sort of way!

Yes, this was the day that Nemesis and Magicman met...The Fat Fury!!

The most requested team-up in comics history follows...

But the "real" heroes aren't too impressed with Herbie's flying!

And when they encounter the bad guys...

After the villains' hash is settled...

And the Fat Fury returns to his home, too...

Oh, Herbie...

From Herbie #14 (1965)