Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It's Jeopardy's Fault!!

Look, everyone, the Mysterious Traveler is going to tell us what's wrong with the modern world!!

Oh, it's all television's fault...?

That's a little trite, isn't it? Can you be more specific?

OK...this had better be good, you Phantom Stranger wannabe!

OK, quiz shows...so what?

Well, superstar pollster Jack Hoyt has noticed something disturbing...

After a few weeks...

So quiz shows make people feel stupid, because they feature smart people?

Oh, it's much worse than that!

Ken Jennings is responsible for our current terrible state!!

Well, Jack tries to warn the networks bosses, but you can probably guess how that went...

But maybe there's hope?

Homer Evriman is a hit!

But everyone perceives him differently!


The results, however, are amazing...

Jack goes to meet this Mr. Evriman...

Man, this story explains so much...So when does our Homer Evriman show up?

From Tales Of The Mysterious Traveler #6 (1957)

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