Monday, April 2, 2018

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--And You Thought Sideshow Bob Was Bad!!

Some astronauts have just come back from a mission, and Namor had to rescue them. And they're none too happy about it!

And so...
Well, what kind of show will two famous ex-astronauts give America?

A kiddie show?!? A Krusty The Clown style kiddie show?!?

With a special sidekick that the kids are sure to love!

Xemnu proves to be a real hit...

And he full of comedy hijinks!

Ohh, Xemnu!!


Saturday mornings?!? I never saw an ad for The Astro-Nuts with Xemnu The Living Titan in those network Saturday morning line-up ads that filled our comic books!!

Nonetheless, Xemnu is a hit!

But after a month, the time comes for Sideshow Bob Xemnu to spring his trap:

Yeah, it's a Pied Piper scheme to steal Earth's children so he can rebuild the population of his own planet.

Don't worry, the Defenders stop him.

But how did the network ever replace that hit series?

Oh, those were the days...

From Marvel Feature #3 (1972)

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George Chambers said...

I'm confused. The plot is absurd enough to be Steve Gerber's work, but the dialogue is all Roy Thomas.