Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Johnny Surge, Or, Teat For Tat!!

OK, stop your sniggering...
You're going to learn more about automated cow-milking machines today than you ever thought you could know!!

As to the sub-title of the piece, "Why We Don't Push The Sale Of Pine Tree Milkers"??

It's interesting, because Babson Brothers was the inventor of the Pine Tree Milker, and here they are, saying "don't buy that one!!"

You can read the whole history of the transition from Pine Tree Milkers to Surge Milkers here. But who wants a boring text web site, when you can have a cartoon fable?!?

SPOILER ALERT: It wasn't the cows' fault.

And now watch, as a company uses a free comic book to trash the product they still make and sell:

Garget is an inflammation of the udders. Man, I am dropping knowledge bombs on you today!!

Well, what's the solution to the obviously inferior product you folks sold to farmers for years?!? This new, more expensive product!!

You have to love cow endorsements!!

There's lots of joy and happiness, until...

The moral of the story?

Buy this new product we're selling to replace the old product you bought from us that was driving you to bankruptcy!

And don't forget...

Teat cups!! Tug and pull teat cups!!

So, when does my MacArthur Genius Grant for blogging show up...?

From The Story Of Johnny Surge (1947)

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