Sunday, April 22, 2018

Down At Fragul Rock?!?

Zigi and Zagi are mischievous brothers from Alpha Centauri. After bedevilng/befriending Superman, he escorts them home to face the music for "borrowing" their father's new "star-cruiser."

And what does the Fragul do to bad children?

I don't know that tickling kids until they cry and promise to behave is necessarily superior to spanking...Plus, I'm not sure how "civilized" it is to imprison (and train?) a beast just for the purpose of torturing kids...

From Action Comics #316 (1964)

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Warren JB said...

"Spanking? How barbaric. Here we gently waterboard our children."

Also, I'm pretty sure I saw that Fragul in a McDonald's advert sometime...