Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Time Batman Was Killed With Kryptonite!!

Well, almost...

See, Metallo has come to Gotham to rob their S.T.A.R. Labs, and we all know who is not going to put up with that nonsense!

Well, not a robot...but we'll give you a pass on that, Batman!

[Editor's note: This is the second Metallo, Roger Corbett, who did indeed have his severed head attached to a cyborg body, and not just the brain salvaged, like his brother, John.]

Batman uses that fact to kick Metallo's butt...



[Editor's note: Metallo is stuttering because he's dying of radiation poisoning (in his still human brain) from the uranium he uses to power himself when he can't find enough kryptonite.]

During their second encounter, when Batman is getting zapped again, Corbett explain how this works:


So, you'd think that know that he knows the score, Batman would be fully prepped, and ready for Metallo's weapon in their 3rd encounter.


Don't worry...

...Lois Lane swings in to save him!!

Now, you'd think that this development--kryptonite radiation can be altered to harm humans--would have gotten lots more play in the pre-Crisis DC Universe. Remember, it was canon back in those days that only Kryptonians could be hurt by Green K. It was only post-Byrneboot that it was revealed that enough exposure to kryptonite could indded cause cancer in humans--which is how Luthor lost his hand.

But if Roger Corbett--who was no genius--could figure out how to make kryptonite hurt anyone, why didn't that get passed around the underworld? Why wasn't it used more against Batman, or the Justice League, or whomever? Why didn't Firestorm use "slow particle emission" kryptonite to take down villains, since he could presumably create it out of thin air? Why wasn't Dr. Alchemy using it against the Flash?!?

Missed opportunity, is all I'm saying.

From The Brave And The Bold #175 (1981)


George Chambers said...

Bob Haney wrote this. That is all.

snell said...

Surprise!! It wasn't Haney. It was Paul Kupperberg!!

George Chambers said...


Oh my God... that means it's canon!