Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Sensational Character Find Of 1954!!

Goddamn, I love comics!

Let's start with Karl and Lydia, a married couple with a sharp-shooting act!!

Bonus--they have a trained monkey in the act, too!!

They're so popular, they're summoned for a tour of the capitals of Europe!!

Yeah, we were starved for entertainment in those pre-Netflix days...

And don't forget the monkey!!

But the problem with Europe is, they've never gotten a handle on their damned vampire problem!

Sure enough...

But then Lydia starts vanishing at night...

And vampire attacks keep happening in whatever city they're in!

Look, Karl, that's not really evidence, is it?!?

OK, maybe you're right.

So you're married to a vampire--why not make the best of it, and...

Or not.

So that night:

Hey, that's not how you kill a vapmire. Maybe he used a silver bullet?

Well, all's well that ends well--

Dammit, I murdered my wife for nothing?

And that night...



Ladies and gentlemen--MONKEY VAMPIRES!!!

And that's why I love comic books!!

From Dark Mysteries #16 (1954)

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SF said...

I mean, wouldn't a simple mirror test stop you from shooting your wife?