Monday, April 2, 2018

Manic Monday Bonus--Great Moments In Amusement Park Design!

OK, let's get the immature giggles out of the way:

Yes, it's an amusement park named "Gayland."

But there's trouble at Gayland:

"Doom Over Gayland may be the best title for a story ever.

Anyway, it's a Scooby Doo plot, as a bunch of goons dressed as devils are trying to get the owners of Gayland to sell, because there's oil underneath it!!

And the bad guys are using sabotaged rides to kill people:

Green Arrow and Speedy have a job waiting for them in the garment industry...

Anyway, our heroes are captured (for the 28th time in this story). And the bad guys have quite the death trap ready:

When I design an amusement park, I'll make sure not to put the cannon next to the House Of Swords (with upright swords all over the roof), and I definitely won't put the House Of Swords next to the Crocodile Pen. But that's just me.

And so...

But what about the crocodile?!?

All right, I have to give Ollie props here: at least 17 arrows (and probably more) fired while hurtling in mid-air, all to imprison--but not hurt--the fake looking crocodile. That is indeed "eye-blurring speed"!

The Emerald Archer should just be grateful that Gayland hadn't installed the adjoining Quicksand Pit and Piranha Tank yet...

From More Fun Comics #77 (1942)


Smurfswacker said...

Hey, fellas, can we have a little less detail in the artwork? Some of those panels look like you spent ten minutes on 'em!

Anonymous said...

I'd worry less about the croc and more about what happens when you hit the water at 100 mph, Ollie...