Monday, April 16, 2018

Manic Monday--How Stardust Saved Capitalism!!

We Americans are so lucky that Stardust The Super Wizard is constantly watching out for us!

Their vile plan?

OK, that is one heck of a plan.

But seriously, how can a few "invisible vacuum tubes" capture people, let alone all the wealthiest people?


Holy crap!!

The blindfolds are a nice, albeit unnecessary touch...

The world soon finds out that Mark Zuckerberg has been snatched...

Oh, FBI...

How can we afford to pay?!? You snatched all the wealthiest people! The rest of us have no money (by comparison)!!

That's probably why the FBI decides not to pay.

Time for the death-rays!


More modern heroes should have a boomerang ray.

Also, more heroes should have rarifying beams!

Wolf-Eye isn't done yet!

Also, more villains should have gland-control magic.

Not that it does any good against you-know-who:


From Fantastic Comics #5 (1940)


SF said...

"Oh, FBI..."

What, you think they should be able to figure out that magic invisible giant vacuum tubes sucked up all the rich people? I don't blame them for missing that one.

What I want to know is why they use magic to justify things but then ALSO use nonsensical science to go with it. "Gland-control magic" that makes you instantly grow to gigantic size??! That is wildly less believable than "He used magic to make himself big."

snell said...

The sad part is, that is probably the least insane Fletcher Hanks story ever...

Jason Glor said...

This story is like something my 10 year old son would have come up with. It's all over the place.

snell said...

The 10 year old is an appropriate analogy, as Fletcher Hanks work, especially Stardust, was essentially the Axe Cop of the 40s. Stream of consciousness, anything can happen with no rhyme or reason. Insane.