Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Vulture That Should Have One WWII?!?

Education today is so lacking, most of you were probably never taught about this:

Now, before you can cry "Fake news!", just look--it really happened. As Wonder Woman is horseback riding wit the Holliday Girls...

Something unnatural, indeed!

Well, she saves Etta, but the rest of the women are captured. As she tags along...

It talks?!?

Well, they could just be using a human-built HQ, right? A birdhouse doesn't prove a robin is human, after all.

But she's taken to the Vulture King!

And guess what? They are human!!

How does that even work?

Explanations later--electronomization first!


Well, the process works, because despite a daring escape...

The King Vulture commands Diana and the Holliday women to put on vulture suits and kidnap the president and his cabinet!!

Fortunately, Steve Trevor accidentally shoots Wonder Woman in the head (!!), which frees her from electronomizing. And she captures the king!

Well, it turns out that his origin is essentially the same as the Mole Man's, except he took the skies instead of the depths:

But what about the flying?

So, the same shtick as Spider-Man's Vulture, but better, and twenty years earlier!

I know it's too much to expect any level of continuity out of Golden Age stories, but come on--the U.S. Army no has possession of dozens of the amazing vulture suits. Wouldn't they be kind of useful in the war effort? Shouldn't Steve have been leading covert raids using the vulture technology on Berlin or Tokyo? But they're never mentioned again.

Unless, of course, they were used again--but the War Department kept it so heavily classified that we never found out about it!! Which is why we were never taught about this in school...

From Comic Cavalcade #7 (1944)

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George Chambers said...

Possibly the ur-example of the "Reed Richards is Useless" trope.