Sunday, April 8, 2018

Build Your Own Destruction Ray Machine!!

People on Earth have suddenly started going insane! Why?

Interplanetary swell guy Rex Dexter is called in to investigate!

A quick trip to the moon later...

Why, of course...

Rex finds the dreaded device...


He and his crew blow it up, and kill of the bad moon people!

But wait--that's not the end!! The very next page lets you build your very own insanity-dealing moon-based death device!!

Holy crap!!

Yes, get out your razor blades, kids!!

Anyway, this will look pretty boss when I'm done. Just let me snip out this piece...oops...well, a little tape can fix that! Now to fold this...uh-oh. Well, that's not too bad. Now if I just...

Two hours later:

Well, there's a reason I was always chosen last for Arts & Crafts teams...

From Mystery Men Comics #14 (1940)

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