Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Marvel 1987 Quiz Time!!

Trivia time, true believers!! (Click to embiggen):

Now, I won't say this is obscure stuff, but even I got an extremely poor score on this.

For what it's worth, this was published in June of 1987, so take that into account when considering "heroes and events that have been in prominence over just the last year or so."

And your answers!

From Marvel Age Annual #3 (1987)


Martin Gray said...

That was fun. And I did terribly. How can they call Dollar Bill annoying?

SF said...

Holy crap, the only one I might have known the answer to was if the "six" in the one question hint meant it was the Sinister Six. And I'd been actively reading Marvel for five years in 1987. I think I might have been able to answer one or two more in 1987?