Monday, April 2, 2018

Manic Monday--The Best Skin-Diving Equipment Shop!!

Where does Aquaman get all those wonderful toys?

The wicked Professor Snark (yes, really) is constantly trying to pull off sea-based crimes, but is always being thwarted by Aquaman and his ability to command fish:

Uh-oh, a plan!

So when Aquaman encounters Snark and a massive sea platform...

Oddly enough, Aquaman has never heard of desalination before!

Arthur is right, because when the next sea crime arrives...

I'll spare you the many, MANY panels of sick fish, and summarize thusly:

Well, duh.

But prove it was deliberate!!

Well, how can Aquaman solve this dilemma?

You see, he knows a guy...and so, at the next sea-crime:



Take a closer look:


So, a "skin-diving equipment maker" was able to convert tanks that pump pressurized air into tanks that pump sea water, into gills instead of mouths. And most amazingly, in many different sizes...

...and many different species...

...and big ass whales:


I won't ask how Aquaman afforded all of this--the sea is full of riches, and the equipment guy might have done it pro bono, to help stop sea crime.

Still, that's one hell of a job of making a lot of equipment do the opposite of what it was designed to do--in oddball shapes and sizes--by our skin-diving equipment-maker.

Let's just hope sharks never get ahold of this technology...

From Adventure Comics #284 (1961), as reprinted in The Brave And The Bold #114 (1974)


George Chambers said...

This is the same Aquaman who wrecked a U-boat with his bare hands in his first appearance. I'm just saying he was close enough to PUNCH the powerless evil scientist. No wonder Arthur gets so much mockery.

snell said...

Yes, but Aquaman couldn't prove yet that the scientist was behind the crimes. A quaint Silver Age notion--don't beat some one up until you're sure they're guilty...