Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You Have To Respect Precision Medical Equipment!

Superman is having a exhibition boxing match--for charity--against Jimmy Olsen!


Thanks for letting down the kids, Jimmy!! [SPOILER ALERT--He was kidnapped!]

Meanwhile, successful young financier Ron Noble volunteers to fill in for Jimmy!

It goes about as you might expect...

But then this boxing exhibition takes a Rocky IV turn!

See, Ron Noble is really the head Metropolis' "Crime Exchange" (more on that another time), and this is all part of a plot to frame Superman for...murder!!

Guess what? It's working!

Well, at the inquest ( inquest?!?), the coroner rips into the Man Of Steel:

The coroner has a way to test that...

Ah, but this is Metropolis, and we can prove things...WITH SCIENCE!!!

You have to love such a finely calibrated "impact gauge"!

Of course, it turns out the the coroner isn't really the coroner...



Sadly, I don't have the next issue, so I'll never know how the trial came out:

Uh, objection, your honor?!?

From Action Comics #358 (1968)


George Chambers said...

OK, posing as the coroner was clever, since otherwise the actual coroner would point out that the victim died from poisoning rather than a shattered everything. Still, you'd think that with all those super-senses, Supes could tell that the "coroner" was wearing a disguise?

snell said...

Given that it's a Silver Age story, I wouldn't be surprised to find it revealed in the conclusion's 2-page exposition dump that Superman did know, and he was playing along to flush out the crooks. Plus, he was too consumed by guilt to check for stuff like that.

SallyP said...

Oh, he just kissed everyone in the courtroom so that they would lose their memories of his "crime". Then he had to kiss everyone at the boxing match, or who read about it, or... let's just say that there is a whole lot of smooching going on.