Monday, April 25, 2016

Manic Monday--My Kingdom For A Bike!!

Our hero Speedy is riding his swell bike when he discovers...

Man, do I have questions!

A) What kind of panel numbering is 1,2, LATER, 4?!?

B) Our "hero" is clearly just walking his bike in the first panel--his butt is not on the seat--so what the hell is he doing? Is he just snooping? Walking up to random windows hoping to find cfimes being planned?

C) Granted, this is 1947. So sure, pay phones--and even households with telephones--probably aren't as prevalent as they would be in later decades. But surely there's a quicker way to notifying the authorities than riding your bicycle all the way to the police station? Certainly there must be a pay phone, or a home with a phone, or a business with a phone that you're going to pass on your way there!!

D) Maybe crooks should be more careful, and not lay out their entire plots in a room with a broken window--right next to the street?

E) Not so much a question, but I love these ads that pitch their products by outright claiming that children can use them to thwart crime and reap huge cash rewards!!

Don't worry, ladies--Scwinn has you covered, too:

From Hit Comics #45 (1947)

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