Monday, April 4, 2016

Manic Mary Marvel Day 6--Fawcett City's Steroid Crisis!!

Something very strange is going on in town...

Everyone is getting bigger!!

Lots bigger!!!

And it's effecting everyone...

...including Mary Batson, who is now HUGE!!

Fortunately, Mary Marvel is unaffected...but she's one of the few...

Although some enterprising business men seem ready to help out:

Help out at a price, that is!

Well, snoopy Mary discovers their dastardly secret!

Growth hormones!!

And she goes all Bernie Sanders on them!

They do have one ace up their sleeves, though...

Yeah, whatever--she's Mary Marvel, dude!!

After she makes short work of Herman and takes the brothers to jail, Mary finds the cure:


But Mary has forgotten something...


Let's hope she passes on the cure to Barry Bonds et. al.

From Mary Marvel #1 (1945)

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