Monday, April 11, 2016

Manic Monday--I Want To Be Arrested In England!!

It's not so much that I'm eyeing a life of crime.

But look at the way they treat this guy charged "with one of the most serious crimes in English history":

Ooh..."severe penalty!" This is going to be bad...

Wait...he gets to stay in a freakin' castle?!?

I mean, look at it--that "cell" is bigger than my entire apartment!!!

Seriously, if the most severe crime in English history ends up with me living in a castle in a 1200 square foot apartment with free room, board and medical care, well, I will gladly serve the wrong scone with tea or call some viscount by the wrong honorific, or whatever it was that this unnamed criminal did...

From Climax #2 (1955)

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