Monday, April 4, 2016

Manic Mary Marvel Day 2--The Promised Quiz!!

We all know what SHAZAM stands for when Billy Batson says it.

But what about when Mary says it?

See, she's a girl, so she can't her power from the same boy gods as Billy, because of holy cooties or some such.

So Mary's SHAZAM is different than Billy's SHAZAM. Here, let's take a look:

Yeah, I whited out the names. I'm a stinker.

So, who--without cheating and Googling it--can come up with the names of the goddesses who grant Mary their powers?

Answer later this morning...

From Mary Marvel #1 (1945)


SF said...

Huh. I'd think Athena for skill and Aphrodite for beauty would be no brainers. (Though... why beauty? Is beauty actually one of her powers?!)

George Chambers said...

The only one I remember is Zephyrus, and I only remember that because Zephyrus was a MALE god.