Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Night Fights--Herald-On-Herald Style!!

No one ever said it was going to be easy to win at Friday Night Fights.

For the Prize Fight round, MC Spacebooger has commanded that "every fight should have another fighter, other than the one from the first panel, get “called” in and deliver the KO!"

Tough...especially with only two days notice.

Well, Spacebooger, I see your "new fighter called in to deliver the knockout" and raise you--three times!!!

Galactus has de-powered Terrax The Tamer and left him on Earth. Victor Von Doom has found him, and (temporarily...shh) re-powered him, and sent him after the Fantastic Four.

And he's currently beating the crap out of Ben and Johnny!

Well, this isn't working out too well...

Hey! It's Sue!! Is she the one called in to deliver the K.O?

She summons Reed...Will he the one called in to deliver the knockout?

Nope, he's been kidnapped by aliens.

Now Doom, he's cheezed, because what's the point in destroying the FF if you can't destroy Mr. Fantastic!

So is Doom the one to step into the fight and deliver the final blow?

Obviously not!!

Well, we're running out of candidates here! Who can be called in to finish off Terrax?!?

Oh, yeah. Now it's on!!


Spacebooger wants to know why the hell Marvel isn't publishing a Fantastic Four book right now. Seriously, what the hell, Marvel?!?!?!?!?!

Amazing awesomeness from Fantastic Four #260 (1983), by John Byrne, John Byrne and John Byrne

Now is the time for you to go and vote for my fight. Why?? Go back. Read it again. Ponder how friggin' great that fight was. Then ponder whether any other fight this week has not one, not two, but three tag-ins to get to the fantastic finish. Then go vote.


SF said...

John Byrne, John Byrne, and John Byrne, HELL YEAH!

SallyP said...

Ti can't help but be glad that Sue eventually figured out all kinds of new ways to use her powers... but explaining those powers to the bad guys seems just a tad counter-productive.