Monday, April 11, 2016

Manic Monday Bonus--This Is Why Criminals Should Wear A mask!!

Iris Allen was murdered at a costume party, and Barry is on a tear to find the true identity of everyone who was there, so he can figure out who dosed him with angel dust and killed his wife (see, it isn't just current DC that's awful...).

Anyway, there was one person who was there that Barry definitely recognized:

Uh...and why would "many" of Central City's super-villains crashing a masquerade party?

They're just there to party and pick pockets.

Aim high, Rogues--aim high!!

[Although that "murdering a woman is beneath a gentleman like me" line doesn't play well with the "I was hired to kill Tim Drake's father" Captain Boomerang of Identity Crisis. I know, different reality, but still, it just goes to prove that Identity Crisis sucked worse than anything in the history of sucking.]

From Flash #278 (1979)

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SallyP said...

You know Barry... there I such a thing as due process and actual...evidence. Maybe as a csi guy you should be doing that instead of manhandling the good Captain.

I admit it...I love the Rogues far more than I do, Barry.