Monday, April 25, 2016

Manic Monday Bonus--Super-Hero Groupies!!

There's a grand celebration in Central Park--it's Avengers' Day, as the world thanks the Assembled Ones for saving the world from the Mandarin!

Of course, the Super-Adaptoid used that as an opportunity to try and kill them, but no worries--the kicked his keister!

But is the threat over...?

Please, Hercules, tell us more about the god-groupies of ancient Greece!!

Anyway, back to celebrating heroes!

Whoa...people actually like their heroes?

Remember--this was a team that included mutants, pagans, ex-criminals, illegals immigrants...yet instead of this:

...we get this:

Huh. I guess in some universes, the public celebrates their heroes. Who knew?

From Avengers #45 (1967)

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago it was just the opposite--when the Avengers hopped over to the DCU and saw civilians cheering happily and asking for autographs after being rescued, they thought the Justice League must be brutal tyrants demanding worship or something. After all, why would anyone thank a superhero for saving his life unless he was being forced to?