Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Number One Super Guy!!

I own a LOT of comic books.

Scads and piles and mountains of comic books.

But I've never owned a Hong Kong Phooey comic book.

Until now.

Thank you, Quarter Bin!

Look, I never said that it was going to be a good comic book!

Hey, DC, if you want to launch a "Hanna-Barbera shared universe comic," more power to you. Just find the time to include Hing Kong Phooey...

Hong Kong Phooey #6 & #9 are from 1976

1 comment:

Michael May said...

"Just find the time to include Hong Kong Phooey..."

And figure out a way for him to crossover with Shang Chi (in his classic outfit). I have been wanting that team-up for literally as long as I can remember.