Saturday, April 16, 2016

76 Accordions In The Big Parade?

In 1957, the youth of America knew how to get down:

The cover makes a pretty bold claim:

Like we're going to take your word for it?

FACT: Even before the Flash came along, Central City was excitement headquarters!!

Well, the local accordion guru makes his pitch to Tom's parents:

Well, it's not.

Interrupting a baseball game for an accordion concert? How dare they!

World Accordion Olympics? What, exactly, are the events? Seriously, I'd love to see someone have to run the hurdles, or a marathon, while playing the accordion!

So Tom takes up the accordion, and becomes quite the social butterfly...

Or, rather, becomes the unpaid entertainment labor for everyone else's parties and functions. Oh, Tom, their using you, aren't they...?

OK, maybe I was wrong...did they perform Mozart's Accordion Concerto 27? mean?!?!

Yup, the whole comic was just a shill to trick you into a "free" accordion lesson, which would rapidly turn into paid lessons, and the purchase of an expensive accordion...Damn you, 1950s Harold Hills, how dare you corrupt comics for your vile capitalist motives!!

From In Tune With Fun (1957)


Smurfswacker said...

Yeah, what good is a free accordion lesson without an accordion to play it on? I'm not an accordionist, so maybe I'm just a hater...but have you ever hefted an accordion? It's not exactly the easiest instrument to "take anywhere." Bad enough tromping around with a guitar strapped to your back. We need a comic about ukeleles. Or harmonicas. Of course you can't sing while playing a harmonica. Lady of Spain, I adore you...

Arynne said...

That's why my best friend switched from an accordion to a concertina!