Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Hawkman Needs The American Express Card!

Hawkman has flown to the jungle to save archaeologist Hank Kavanaugh from mystical gangsters (don't ask--Golden Age). But...

Now, this was 1946, so many of the comic book tropes we take for granted hadn't been firmly established yet. So, when a bare-chested guy with massive wings flies down to you, it is odd that you would immediately leap to the assumption that he wasn't really Hawkman. What did Kavanuagh think: that he was a clone, an imperfect duplicate, a shape-shifter, a shape-shifting alien, an LMD, a robot, a master of disguise, a duplicate from another dimension, etc?

So how does Hawkman manage to convince him?

The massive bear hug!!

Geez, if only the Justice Society had some form of ID card, perhaps signed by the president, that could legitimately prove his identity...

Just sayin.

From All-Star Comics #28 (1946)

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