Saturday, April 2, 2016

Thaddeus Sivana--Cop Killer!!

It's a good day in Fawcett City...if you're EVIL!!

So, Sivana, genius scientist and would-be world conqueror, has free reign. So what does he choose to do so his special, no super-hero day?


But he's not just a cop-killer...he's a cop-torturer!!

Cold, Sivana. Cold.

Fortunately, Sivana forgot about the one Marvel he hadn't met yet:


 An historical moment!! many bullets does that revolver hold?!?! (Oh, it's Sivana...he probably just invented a 9-shooter or something...)

So the Golden Age was a lot nastier than you thought. Thaddeus Sivana--straight outta Compton!!!

From Mary Marvel #1 (1945)

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George Chambers said...

Your latest evil plan is "shoot the first cop I see?" Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, you're phoning it in! Shame on you!, also, by the by there, you do know Mister Mind got EXECUTED for that kind of thing, don't you? Just sayin'...