Monday, April 18, 2016

Manic Monday--The Bob Kanigher That Time Forgot!!

Because, well, because they had space to fill, I guess, most of DC's war comics of July 1973 ran this full-page feature (click to embiggen to full readable war-size):

That was from my copy of Four-Star Battle Tales (1973).

Now, the piece didn't purport to be a complete listing of Robert Kanigher's creations--it expressly says at the end that "these are only a few of Bob Kanigher's creations."

But apparently, someone complained about how incomplete that list was. Did readers write in? Or, for all I know, Kanigher himself kvetched. Anyway, just 3 months later, this "addendum" graced several of the war book's letter pages (this one was from G.I. War Tales #4 (1973)):

It's easy to forget how much of DC history was created by Robert Kanigher. Especially these days, when even DC itself admits that they've lost touch with their legacy.

So take a minute, and go read a Bob Kanigher comic today...

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