Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Lyingest Editor's Note of All Time!!

The villains unveil themselves in Avengers #126 (1974):

Click to embiggen to full Bob Brown/Dave Cockrum size...

But allow us at Slay Monstrobot to embiggen that Editor's Note for you:

In other words, Steve Englehart was too busy to be bothered with coming up with his own damn explanation. Boo!!

Even worse? No No-Prize was ever given!!

Only one letter in Avengers #130, from Chuck Mabry of Washington, D.C., even mentioned the contest...

And the reply in that column didn't even mention his theory, or the promised No-Prize!!

Now, it's possible that Marvel did award Mr. Mabry that No-Prize, and just didn't bother to actually mention it. Or maybe they did award the No-Prize to someone else, but didn't actually print the letter, or mention it in any other way. Although if you're going to cock-up the premise of your story like that, and then have the balls to use a reader contest to try and cover your ass while hyping it as a "Mighty Marvel First," than I think you're sort of ethically obligated to honor that, and explicitly tell the fans who, if anyone, won.

Or maybe, just maybe, there's a No-Prize laying around the Marvel offices, waiting to be awarded!!

So I suggest you all bombard Marvel with letters explaining how Klaw and Solarr got together. Write away, my pretties!!

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