Monday, April 4, 2016

Manic Mary Marvel Day 5--The Quiz Answer, And What The Goddesses Do All Day!

Here, at long last, are the answers to our earlier quiz: which goddesses loan Mary Marvel their awesome powers of grace, beauty, etc?

Admit it--you missed a few. The A's throw everyone off, as they expect Aphrodite or Artemis or Athena...

As for what those goddesses do all day long? Well, Sivana has tricked Mary into wearing earrings that block the lightning bolt's power!

So she asks Selena, Hippolyta, et al, for a little extra oomph this time!

Proving once more, that science cannot stand up to the power of the gods!!

From Mary Marvel #1 (1945)


SF said...

I actually thought of Zephyrus (well, Zephyr, but I looked it up to get to Zephyrus), but I rejected it because you said we were looking for goddesses, and according to Wikipedia Zephyrus is a god. I had pondered Ariadne for skill, too, but since I blanked on the Roman name for Athena, I figured Athena for skill made more sense. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I was going to point that out too, but since the only Greek or Roman Goddess starting with 'Z' is Zeuxo, a sea nymph only mentioned once, I suppose the writers really can't be blamed for throwing up their hands and saying, "OK, look, the west wind can be whatever gender it wants to, see?"