Saturday, April 23, 2016

Shaft And The Importance Of Grammar In Blaxploitation Films! (NSFW)

WARNING--Bad words are featured prominently in this post! Shield your eyes or flee if profanities offend you!!!

Have I mentioned how much I love David Walker and Dietrich Smith's Shaft comics for Dynamite?

Well, let's make it official--I love the living hell out of them.

And the beauty part is, in the middle of gritty 1970s urban detective stories, there's usually some pretty funny laughs.

For example:

Tired of getting shot at and beat up and wading waist-deep into moral quagmires, John Shaft has decided to take an "easy" case, a payday without a lot of work or danger: he's serving as a "consultant" on blaxploitation flick about a gritty urban private detective called "Black Dick."

[SPOILER ALERT: The job turns out to be neither easy nor without danger.]

Anyway, Shaft is just standing around watching them make the magic...

...but really, how could he be prepared for a film of this quality?

It's a paycheck, John.

[SPOILER ALERT: He's probably not going to get paid].

But that scene brings us some unexpected grammatical and poetical complexities:

They just don't make movies like that anymore...

Anyway, read Shaft. It's good $&#^, you jive-@$$ mother%*&$@!!

From Shaft: Imitation Of Life #3 (2016)

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Linneman said...

Good stuff! I'll have to give it a shot.