Sunday, July 2, 2017

When Will Aliens Stop Appropriating Our Letters For Their Chest Logos?!?

On a not-too-distant planet...

"What's the '5' stand for?"
"It's not a 5. On my world, it stand for hope.
"What about that guy back there with a 2?"
"It's not a 2. On my world, that stands for 40% as much hope."
"What about your belt-buckle that looks sorta kinda like a Bat-symbol?"
"Oh, yeah, that is a Bat-symbol. On my world, everyone thinks Batman is super-rad!"

Ah, the joke that keeps on giving...

Sadly, no story in the book remotely resembles this scene, so that's all I've got.

But fear not, dear reader, I shall be ever vigilant for more scenes of people with letters and numbers on their chests that aren't really letters or number but by an unlikely cosmic coincidence just happen to symbolize abstract concepts in alien cultures!!

From Strange Worlds #5 (1958)

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Paul Smith said...

I'm more concerned that every male in their society is required to wear a mid-length cape.