Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Floating Heads--Defenders Style!!

We had fun with the Avengers and floating heads on the cover the other day, so I thought, why not continue the merriment with the Defenders?

Memory is a tricky thing. I would have bet you 50,000 quatloos that the Defenders had featured floating heads almost as often as the Avengers. I could swear I remembered that...

But not so. In fact, the Defenders didn't have their first floating head cover until #26!!

Maybe it's because this was one of the first comics I owned, so repeated exposure to this cover made my mind falsely remember that the Defenders did this a lot more often then they actually did.

It wasn't until #51 that they resorted to the floating heads again...apparently they were waiting for the greatest menace possible!

Another year+ went by until...

Almost 5 years passed until...

Them, merely a year later, they pulled out all the stops!

And that was it for the classic Defenders run.

But unlike the Avengers, the 21st century was much kinder to the Defenders, floating head-wise:

And this:

And while you can argue that this is not strictly your classic floating heads, it's clever enough a conceit that I'll count it!

Let's hope Marvel brings back floating heads to the new Defenders series...

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