Tuesday, July 25, 2017

That Time Lois Lane Set Up Clark Kent To Be Murdered!!

In this imaginary story, Lois Lane has married Bruce Wayne!!

Unfortunately, the Gotham syndicate has noticed that Lois is always around when Batman is, so they suspect that she knows his secret identity. So they kidnap her and proceed to give her an intensive interrogation:

Time for Curt Swan to let his freak flag fly!

Well, who could stand up to all those floating words?

Oh, Lois, thank you for setting Clark up to be killed!! (She doesn't know his Superman identity).

But wait...Clark Kent is in Metropolis! How could he be Batman?

Fortunately, criminals are a cowardly and gullible lot:

Yes, Batman commutes to Gotham every day.

Anyway, obviously Clark is in no real danger, and he and Batman thwart the hoods.

But the big takeaway here? Lois Lane is ready to throw non-powered civilians to the wolves. Way to go, Lane.

From Lois Lane #89 (1969)


George Chambers said...

Well, Lois probably held a grudge over Clark scooping her so many times. More seriously, this story is a good example of why torture just doesn't work. The victim will always tell the interrogator what she thinks he wants to hear.

Paul Smith said...

He thinks Batman's secret identity might be Commissioner Gordon? Aren't they, like, seen together in the same room every time a crime is reported?

Mista Whiskas said...

I wonder in those floating words scenes does the letterer do most of the work?