Monday, July 17, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--Bullet-Proof Isn't Fist-Proof!!

Who's the one guy a Marvel Western hero can't stop?

Yeah, that could be a problem.

It seems that the obnoxious Cack Clugg never loses a shootout--even when he gets shot!!

But when Clugg starts picking on helpless folks in front of him, well, the Rawhide Kid can't help but become involved!

Woo hoo!!

Now, you might be thinking that Clugg is using the Back To The Future III hidden chestplate scam. But you would be wrong!

Rawhide has figured it out, though--and you've seen all the clues. Can you figure it out?


But what was Clugg's secret?

Wait? No pickpockets out West? I find that highly doubtful, Rawhide. Wouldn't they be attracted to areas with gullible folks and lax law enforcement, just like Clugg was?And he was good enough to change the bullets in your belt (and the ones already in your guns!!)? Color be doubtful.

Still, a happy ending deserves a ride into the sunset!

From Rawhide Kid #26 (1962) as reprinted in Marvel Westerns: Strange Westerns Starring The Black Rider #1 (2006)

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George Chambers said...

...And then someone pulled a knife on Cack Clegg, and that was the last the West saw of the Bullet-Proof Man.