Monday, July 10, 2017

Manic Monday Triple Overtime--You Mean Crime Really Doesn't Pay?!?

In a town not too far from Smallville:

Well, all right, then!!

Surprisingly enough, it wasn't Lex Luthor behind it--it was the Mechanical Master!!

Let's join him and his henchman...

But here comes the kicker:

"WHAT???" indeed!!!

Seriously, that panel has blown my mind!! You mean that you can invent a robotic bank robbing/skywriting mailbox, have it clean out a bank, and end up losing money on "the job"?!?!?

I mean, the whole idea of inventing super-gadgets to rob banks and such is that you'll make money!! What's the point, otherwise?!? Plus, you can't even write off the "business" loss on your taxes, because your activities are illegal!!

Now I'm going back over every super-villain heist ever, trying to figure out if they actually made money on the transaction. Cold guns and giant stilt suits aren't cheap, after all--especially if you keep getting captured and don't get to keep your ill-gotten gains!!

Now I know why they made Lex a billionaire post-Crisis--otherwise, there's no way he could have afforded all of the wonderful toys!!

From Superman Family #193 (1979)

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George Chambers said...

That costume...! The orange/green palette, the utility belt filled with tools, the cape, the big stylised "MM" (in case he forgets he's the Mechanical Master?)

The suck is strong with this one! Compare with Steve Ditko's Tinkerer who basically had the same deal going on but with too much dignity to wear that stupid outfit.