Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Norrin Radd-Turnstyle Jumper!!

The Silver Surfer is hanging around New York City, and he decides that he wants to attend an emergency session of the United Nations, to off his "expertise." Because he's so special, and all.

And yet, rather than fly there in 1.9 seconds, he chooses to go incognito--via the subway!

But of course...

Norrin Radd is always the biggest ass.

Geez, no wonder the NYC subway system is in trouble, if cosmic powered jerks won't pay the fare!!

From Silver Surfer #13 (1970)

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John Hennings said...

Smell, I recommend you try the new series by Slott and the Allreds. Norrin is still earnest, but his pomposity has largely worn off. It doesn't even seem out of character, just a maturation that would occur with time in relationships with others.