Sunday, July 16, 2017

That Time Nazi Poseidon Destroyed Baltimore, Savannah and New Orleans!

There's no Poseidon like Nazi Poseidon!!

It was just before Pearl Harbor, so America wasn't expecting this kind of sneak attack:

And it's not just New Orleans, either!

This was no act of nature...

It's the Devil Of The Deep!!

Well, now we have room for all those fictional DC cities, I guess!

We don't really get any background on this guy in this, his only appearance ever. Demented scientist? God gone mad--perhaps controlled by the Spear of Destiny?!?!? (That's why I'm not allowed to write comics...)

All we know is, New York City is next!!

Fortunately, The Flame is on the job!!

C'mon, now--you have no problem when Superman or the Flash stop a tidal wave. Don't let something like science ruin a good story!!

Ah, but Nazi Poseidon has more plans!

(Dude, get some better pants...)

See, all that water/storm control argues for god/supernatural being..,but would Poseidon need levers or machinery?

Boston, you're next!!

The Flame figures out who the villain is...

...and manages to blow up his "Dynamo Of Death!" (If he's a god, why does he need a dynamo?!?) But...

Well, we all know that's a classic "he's not really dead, guys," ending...but this was still early days for the genre, and that trope hadn't been firmly established yet, and this was the last issue of Flame's solo mag, and, well, we never saw the Devil Of The Deep again.

And even though this is before Pearl Harbor, the Flame urges the children of America to war!

From The Flame #8 (1942)

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