Saturday, July 8, 2017

Baron Zemo Needs To Netflix And Chill!

Baron Zemo (the original!) has sent a gang of top-notch henchman to capture Captain America and bring him to Zemo's South American hideout for a close up and personal revenge.

Well, of course, Cap made short work of them...but Zemo doesn't know that yet.

Let's watch as he scans the news...

Dude, do you know how much that monitor cost?!?!

Zemo needs to stop watching the news if he's just going get so riled up (not unlike many people I know today...)!

Ah, well, he'll be dead soon enough. But the lesson remains--if you're a highly-strung super-villain, just cut the cord, and get Hulu or something!!

From Tales Of Suspense #60 (1964)

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