Sunday, July 23, 2017

America's Beauty Crisis--Thin Shoulders!!

Back in 1950, there was apparently a terrible crisis plaguing the young women of America:

Gasp!!! No!!!

This inside front cover feature, Beauty Briefs, is from Charlton's Pictorial Love Stories #23 (1950). And you might want to avert your eyes, because...well, there are some skinny shoulders ahead!

And so begins the Rocky-style training montage...

The results? Va va voom!!

"Thin shoulders lead to danger--danger to your popularity!"

Well, you could write this off as a one-time thing, not a crisis. After all, they had to come up with a new "crisis" for Beauty Briefs to solve every issue.

But just 3 issues later, in Pictorial Love Stories #26 (1950), guess what body part looms large again?

American boys--obsessed with shoulders!!

You know, I've been a guy for quite a few decades now, and I've never heard another man talk about a woman's shoulders...never. I guess guys were just a lot pickier in the 50s??

Anyone, as in our last vignette, Carol finds a mentor for her problem: I hear Eye Of The Tiger playing...?

And so Clubber Lang goes down Carol's shoulders get effusive male approval!!

"Never forget, with a little effort, any woman can be lovely..."

Or, you know, just don't wear off-the-shoulder dresses?!? Oh, what do I know...I'm a dumb guy.

Did someone mention Eye Of The Tiger?


SF said...

I dunno, shoulders can be pretty. Not anywhere near tops on my list, but I wouldn't reject it out of hand as nuts to think about.

On the other hand: "THOSE arms wouldn't keep a fellow very warm..." ????? That's something I've never heard of as a male desire. Certainly if my wife wrapped her arms around me, they would get warm from the heat of my body, not the other way around, unless I'd been out rolling in the snow while she sat by the fire or something...

SallyP said...

Wow... what a fabulous pair of... shoulders?