Thursday, July 20, 2017

Great Moments In Stupid Nicknames!!

It's time for the adventures of...

Hmmm...I would definitely put "Solid" Jackson waaaay behind "Action" Jackson as an effective nickname,

Who is this guy?

Well, bonus point for the actual name of Xerxes Herakles Jackson.

But why do they call him Solid?

That. Is. Terrible.

Still, it certainly comes in handy. Solid is being pursued by a gang of ruffians, and takes refuge in a convenient building, where...

Oh, you crazy jazz lovers!!

So remember--no matter how stupid the hero's nickname, it can get him out of a jam!!

From Jeep Comics #1 (1944)


Erich said...

As the story indicates, "Solid, Jackson" was a frequently used expression in jazz music, so it's not that unreasonable that somebody could get that nickname...what's really bizarre is the explanation for the name, having nothing to do with jazz.

-3- said...

I was thinking it's much better to have someone do me a 'solid' than do me an 'action'
But after reading the in-story explanation for his name...
Yeah. Pegged the stupometer.