Friday, July 21, 2017

So What? Big Deal!

Well, today is the 10th anniversary of this cow-town puppet show of a blog.

I can't say that I disagree, big guy.

I mean, we humans love our round numbers and arbitrarily important dates. But really, this is pretty much the same blog it was yesterday, and pretty much the same blog as it will be tomorrow. Love me or hate me, an anniversary shouldn't change that.

Still, it is a good opportunity to thank my 10 or 12 regular readers, or perhaps suggest that they have their sanity checked.

There will be a few more posts today, a couple of original things, a couple of reposts of pieces I think are important, and the single greatest Friday Night Fight ever.

Otherwise, just the same old same old. I've still got about a trillion comics to read, and I'm sure I'll keep finding things that I want to share.

So stick around, foolish fish.

Goddamn, I love comic books!


Tim Knight said...

Congratulations! I may not comment as often as I should but I've enjoyed reading your site for years! Keep it up, you crazy kid!

-3- said...

Yeah,it's an arbitrary number.
But that makes it no less impressive. So damned impressive, that you even got me off my ass to start posting. At least on occasion, we'll see.
I'm no Snell...

I did, however, dig up a little something on Snell from his past:

Justin Metzger said...

Congrats on ten years! Here's to ten more!!!