Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Your Tax Dollars At Work--Sprocket Man!!

America needs a new kind of hero:

Yes, Sprocket Man!!

And who is the genius behind this new protector of bicycles?


Sprocket man has come to protect us from ANARCHY!

And, well, also to protect cyclists from a disturbing number of threats!!

And, apparently, cyclists have to be taught how to make a left turn...

And whatever you do...

...don't make Sprocket Man facepalm!!

Also, life is pretty freaky in the big city:


And for training?
OK, I don't think hat's ever going to happen...

By the way, you've been riding your bike wrong all these years!

Plus. your bike is in "sad shape"!!

Take a bow, Sprocket Man!!
Sprocket Man is from 1981


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

He should have teamed up with Skate Man. I would love to see Neal Adams draw buffalo riding into town.

wordsmith said...

Now comes the time on "Sprocket" when we dance.
Don't touch my monkey!