Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Toth Wheels!!

You know why I keep digging through quarter bins?


Because if I didn't spelunk through the refuse of comics that are too shoddy to bag & board, I never would have found this:

Yeah, yeah, so in 1970, DC had the Hot Wheels license. Big deal, right?

[BTW, where the hell are you, IDW? This license is just waiting there, fallow, keeping you from completing your quest to turn every childhood toy ever into a "connected universe." Get to work, people!!]

But perhaps you should look more closely at that cover, even though the signature is cut off...OK, how about from page 1?

Alex Freaking Toth wrote and drew Hot Wheels comic books.

And I never would have known that without the Quarter Bin.

Just watch Toth draw the living hell out of this car chase:


There's a reason everyone is after this car...

Hot wheels, indeed.

This was the only story that Toth actually wrote, but he did do the art in the lead story for the first 5 issues of Hot Wheels. And most of the covers...

Neal Adams did one of the covers, too!!

And for the sixth and final issue, Adams got to do the art for the lead story. But perhaps more importantly, he did what just might be the greatest cover in the history of EVER:

Sweet Christmas!!!

Alex Toth and Neal Adams drawing the bejeesus out of Hot Wheels comic books...and I never would have known if it weren't for the Quarter Bin!!


Gordon Turner said...

Here is the cartoon that this comic was based on:

SallyP said...

Egad, was that a Cord in the first book? I love Cords!

Dr. Theda said...

We became "lost" in these many wonderful posts, good Sir !!!
spent nearly 2 hours looking over your many posts .... Really Great blog...!!!!!!