Monday, December 5, 2016

Manic Monday Bonus--The JSA Invented Cosplay!!

All of the male members of the Justice Society are absent for their monthly meeting!!

It seems they're all investigating important cases (that all turn out to be the same case after all, because Golden Age).

This presents a special situation for Wonder Woman!!

Apparently, Wonder Woman has been doing more than just waiting for this moment...

An odd hobby, to be sure..

Oh, dear...I'm getting strange feelings looking at this...especially sexy Spectre!!

But, this is the Golden Age, and these are women, so...

...they fail miserably (the lack of super-powers no doubt hurt, as well).

But at least they've inspired my dreams for the next few nights (not to mention inspiring comic conventions and "sexy" Halloween costumes for decades to come)!!

From All-Star Comics #15 (1943)


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

James Robinson gave us a "Times Past" issue of this in STARMAN. The artwork on the cover is fantastic. Sorry I'm bad at links, I type with one finger.

snell said...

Wayne...this is the cover you mean.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Snell--yes, and what a great story. Too bad Lady Spectre wasn't on the cover. She did look pretty hot.