Saturday, December 17, 2016

Choose Your Fate!!

We did this game with DC quite awhile it's time to do it with Marvel:

You're trapped on a desert island, and you can have only one of these 5 sets of comics. Which do you choose? Which do you choose?!?

You can pick a set because you haven't read most (or all) of the comics in it. You can pick a set because you have read them, and know you like them. You can pick a set based on future value--hey, what good does that do you on a desert island...but it's your choice!

Choose wisely...

Ad from Amazing Spider-Man #180 (1980)


Erich said...

I'd have to go with the set that includes Howard the Duck #3. It's a nice bonus that that set also includes Logan's Run #6, with the sought-after Thanos story, but it's "Master of Quack Fu!" that makes it the set for me.

GWV said...

AAARGGH! A difficult choice indeed, but Number 4 rises to crest the wave of this turbulent ocean of awesomeness and so it shall be the one I reel in! Red Sonja, Logan's Run, Ms Marvel, and What If? Hard to beat that, pass me the lime and the coconut!