Thursday, December 29, 2016

More, Please!

In a week when the final (?) issue of Civil War II plopped out and thrashed around like a fetid piece of crap that proved that writing and storytelling and editing may have vanished from the landscape forever...

...redemption can be found, as Baltazar and Franco give us the Composite Superman fighting the Unknown Superman from the future.

Because comics rock. Well, they can rock. Not as often as they should, mind you, but goddamn can they rock!

From Super Powers! #2 (2017)


Warren JB said...

See, now, this shows several reasons why I bookmarked SMotD.

Very... vivid metaphor, BTW! I take it the sequel was as well-done as the original event?

snell said...

The original Civil War was out and out terrible.

Civil War II, while a stupid idea, suffered more from lackadaisical execution and a complete lack of caring/effort.