Thursday, December 22, 2016

How To Beat The Harlem Globetrotters?

Hey, coach, let's give Billy some pointers on how to play college basketball!

Of course, back in the day, the game was a bit different...

Look, I'm ancient...but even back in my day, if you shot free throws underhanded, you were relentlessly mocked for doing it "granny style."

Nope, they're serious...let's teach kids to shoot underhanded!!

Wow...we've been doing it wrong all these years...

From Treasure Chest Of Fun And Fact Vol 14 #9 (a.k.a. #255) (1959)

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SF said...

I have this vague memory of my dad discussing underhanded free throws with me back when I played middle school basketball in the early 80s. He's not around to refresh my memory, alas. This article suggests that Wilt Chamberlin was doing it for a season back in the early 60s, and that it might look ridiculous to modern eyes but is probably a better way of shooting them.