Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How Bruce Wayne Got So Rich!!

I kid the Batman a lot, because I love the Batman.

But even I have to admit that sometimes, he's cooler than cool:


It says so right there--"of his own invention"!!

Sure, this was 1940, and the first night vision cameras were introduced in 1929, and the German army was experimenting with night-vision devices for guns and tanks as early as 1939.

But A) They obviously stole Bruce Wayne's designs (or he sold them?), and B) unlike the clunky and bulky stuff being used at the time, Batman's are pretty damn sleek and user-friendly!!

So, Bruce Wayne patented that puppy, and watched the billions flow in. And (probably) everyone shows a "night-vision" scene in a TV show or movie, they owe royalties to Wayne Industries!!

And that's how he can afford all those wonderful toys!!

From Detective Comics #37 (1940)

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